MOLDED is a project conceived by Kim Russell and Courtney Garcia-Held (Cor). Former neighbors who bonded over their love of craft and cause, Kim and Cor dreamed of ways to support both. MOLDED is their answer.

Their first project, in collaboration with female ceramic artists, Gasworks NYC and Women's March, is an homage to the strong women who came before us in order to support today's women leaders. Proceeds of this project will benefit Women's March. 

Kim Russell 
A survivor of gun violence, Kim Russell was moved to advocate for commonsense measures to reduce gun violence in America after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. In 2012, she helped to launch a national grassroots organization – Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – which quickly became a leading voice of reason in the gun violence prevention movement. Kim has also worked with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence as an organizing manager and currently serves as an executive advisor for Women’s March. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Kim is a mother of two living in Brooklyn, New York with a background in graphic design and fine art. 

Courtney Garcia-Held (Cor)
Cor Garcia-Held founded Gasworks NYC with the goal of creating an inclusive, community-oriented ceramics studio with social justice at its heart, and its programs include need-based kids’ scholarships, fundraisers, and a non-profit arm dedicated to arts access. Before opening Gasworks, she received a Masters in Art Therapy and worked as an Art Therapist with children with neurodevelopmental disorders and adults living with mental illness and addiction. Cor believes in the power of art to affect both personal and political change, and is thrilled to launch Molded as a means to raise money for causes that matter.